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“SUPERDOG” This breed that you probably have never heard of is as close as any mortal being (human or animal) can get. It can do what no other domesticated dog is capable of.

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American Tundra Shepherd History

The ATS Project began in 1968, while Frank Catania was serving in the US Army K-9 Corps. The U.S. Government supported this developmental work until the Vietnam war was ending and they withdrew their funding. Already passionate about the breed, Frank vowed to continue the project himself at his Midwest K-9 Training Estates facility in Edwardsville, Kansas.

In the 40-plus years that followed, Frank oversaw the breeding and training of these remarkable animals. As Frank grew older, it became ever more important to secure his legacy and the future of the American Tundra Shepherd through the fundraising and work of the Foundation. As a result of his unfortunate and untimely passing on December 3, 2008, your support is urgently needed if the American Tundra Shepherd is to have the future it so richly deserves!


The American Tundra Shepherd’s powerful structure, impressive size, intelligence and temperament have earned these dogs a place in the canine world as one of the finest working dogs ever developed in the United States. This all purpose dog has a long and productive life. This breed is not only used by the military and police, in search and rescue, by outdoorsmen, by the disabled, as guard dog, by farmers and ranchers and as a regular house pet. Our goal is to have this breed in thousands of homes and businesses throughout the USA and rest of the world.